Hindu Gods & Goddesses Manifestation Prayer Black Wood Stretch Bracelet

$ 14.95

Brand: Magical Mode


  • Artwork is Copyrighted and by Shoushan, and Handmade by the artist. All Rights Reserved.
  • 12 unique images. Goddesses: Shakti of Primal Energy, Kali Loving Mother Fierce Warrior, Saraswati of Music, Arts, Wisdom, Durga of Divine Force, Parvati Mother of Ganesh for Love and Devotion, Lakshmi of Fortune AND The Gods: Ganesh for Karma Intellect Wisdom Breaking Obstacles, Hanuman the Humanitarian God for the Ultimate Evolved Path, Vishnu God for Strength Protection Grace, Krishna with Radha for Soul Mate Connections, Brahma the Creator of Manifestation, Shiva of Supreme Consciousness
  • 11x14mm (3/8" x 5/8") wood block beads. Each design is protected under iridescent epoxy resin.
  • One size fits most women and some men, stretch design with elastic.
  • Includes Gift Box.

Item Condition: New