About us


Welcome to MyAltar.com, your metaphysical haven where the mystical meets the material. We are proud to introduce you to our online store, a sacred space curated with love and intention by the artisans and founders of My Altar, Shoushan and Angelene.

Our Vision

At MyAltar.com, we hold a profound belief in the transformative power of metaphysical practices and the artistry of our creations. Our vision is to provide you with meticulously crafted products that not only adorn your sacred spaces but also empower your spiritual journey.

Meet Our Artisans

Shoushan: With a deep reverence for ancient traditions and a modern sensibility, Shoushan brings her expertise in crystal work and energy healing to every piece. Her creations are infused with healing vibrations, designed to harmonize your energy and amplify your intentions.

Angelene: Angelene, a gifted intuitive and artist, channels her passion for spirituality into crafting unique and meaningful designs. Her intuitive artistry speaks to the soul, offering you a bridge to connect with the ethereal realms.

What Sets Us Apart

Handcrafted Excellence: Each product in our store is lovingly handcrafted by Shoushan and Angelene, ensuring the highest quality and intention in every item.

Metaphysical Expertise: We infuse our creations with metaphysical knowledge and practices to enhance their energetic properties. From crystal grids to sacred jewelry, every item is designed to elevate your spiritual experience.

Unique and Intuitive Designs: Our products are not just visually stunning; they are imbued with the wisdom of the universe. Explore our range of offerings and discover the resonance that speaks to your soul.

Eco-conscious Approach: We are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible, respecting both the Earth and its inhabitants in our creative process.

 Community Support: We cherish the community that has grown around My Altar, and we are dedicated to fostering a supportive space for spiritual seekers. Join us in our journey toward personal and collective enlightenment.

Join Our Metaphysical Journey

We invite you to explore MyAltar.com and experience the magic we've crafted with our hearts and hands. Whether you seek healing, inspiration, or simply a connection to the metaphysical world, our products are here to assist you on your path.

Thank you for choosing MyAltar.com as your trusted source for metaphysical treasures. Together, let's illuminate the path to spiritual growth and transformation.


Meet the artisans and founders of My Altar,

Shoushan and Angelene