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Bring your future into the now! Call the Cyber Psychics and Gain Insight Into Your Future Timeline! The Future is Not Definitive! Know That You Can Create Your Life! Your Decisions, Actions, and Energies Can Change Outcomes!


I become you, I breathe you, I feel you, I see you! I know where you're headed, I know where you've been... I know that I am a psychic very well worth crossing paths with. Why don't you pick up the phone and find out what I have to say to you. I know you won't regret it!

I'm the co-founder of MyAltar.

For Angeline $4.99/Min Call 1-800-626-7386 Dial in ID Extension 173640 

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Hello, my name is Shoushan. (pronounced: shoe - shawn ) All of my life, I have been making predictions.The power of love ignites through me to lift the spiritual awareness in all of us.  I am the creator of the Nefertiti Psychic Reading Cards and artist founder of MyAltar. Read More...

For Shoushan $4.99/Min Call 1-800-626-7386 Dial in ID Extension 173672

First time callers: Click the Icon to set up an account and call through the desktop tool.

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How Click4Advisor Phone Advice Works

Click4Advisor is a cutting-edge technology platform that allows web visitors like you to be connected to advisors privately and instantly over the phone.

To start, Register a New Caller account (click through here or see 'New Caller' link on previous popup page) and make a deposit to fund your account. Then, select the Advisor you wish to speak with.

To call the Advisor, you click through the Advisor's "Call" button, enter your account User Name and Password, your phone number (cell phone or landline), and click the "Call on Phone" button. Your phone will ring in a few seconds and once you pick it up you will be connected to your Advisor.

You do not need a speaker or microphone or any other equipment to contact the advisor.


You do not need to worry about your Internet line speed because the calls are made over the telephone lines.

Your account balance will be deducted in real-time for the number of minutes you speak to an Advisor per the Advisor's published per minute rate. If your balance runs down to 1 minute left, you will receive an alert and an option to add more money to continue the call. If your balance depletes and you are disconnected, you can always login to your account and deposit more funds to your balance to get more advice.


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Dial-In System (1-888-626-7386) - "You Make the Call"

Our toll-free Dial-In System allows greater privacy for your contact to an Advisor because "You Make the Call". Same as our "Call Comes to You" option, your phone number is never disclosed and totally secure, but instead of our system calling you to connect to your Advisor, you can call the system to connect to your Advisor.

To use the Dial-In System, you need to know 4 numbers: your Dial-In ID number, your Dial-In PIN, your Advisor's Dial-In ID number, and the Dial-In toll-free number (888-626-7386). You can find your system-generated Dial-In ID and create your own Dial-In PIN by logging in to your Click4Advisor account and clicking on the Update Dial-In PIN link. You can find your Advisor's Dial-In ID number in the pop-up window you just came from. And our Dial-In number is 1-888-626-7386.