Voodoo Veve Magic Marie Laveau Sirene Loko Marassa Brown Wood Stretch Bracelet

$ 14.95

Brand: Magical Mode


  • Artwork is Copyrighted and by Shoushan, and Handmade by the artist. All Rights Reserved.
  • This bracelet has 12 different veves: Marie Laveau, Papa Loko, Filomez, Marassa Twins, La Sirene, Marinette, Kaflu, Kouzen Zaka, Agaou, Ohuwaghnn, Sekhelo, Kurkva.
  • 11x14mm (3/8" x 5/8") wood block beads. Each design is protected under iridescent epoxy resin.
  • One size fits most women and some men, stretch design with elastic.
  • Includes Gift Box.

Item Condition: New

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